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Our Mission

Continue as the premier commercial lighting and lighting maintenance company by servicing and developing projects that will not only fulfill our customers' needs but will also enrich and beautify our everyday lives.

Our Values

We value our staff first knowing that an inspired and qualified staff will be there for our customers throughout each project, from beginning to install. You are not just another invoice and our staff will always treat your better.

Our Solution

We dedicate time and energy to go above and beyond in research, client needs & cost savings analysis,all to insure our customers have the most affordable and brightest solutions in commercial lighting & lighting maintenance.

Who We Are

Certified Lighting is more than just lighting, we are part of your community.

Quality Products

Whether you are needing signage, graphics or lighting solutions, you can depend on us to focus on your needs and produce the finest product.


With over 70 years of industry experience, we offer a variety of solutions including the latest innovations and technology in each of our three industries.

Industry Leaders

We dedicate time to product research, always insuring our customers have access to the best and BRIGHTEST products.

Repeat Customers

Being an industry leader since 1946, we know how important our customers are. We take pride in knowing that our first time customers usually turn into repeat customers.

Community Charity

We strongly believe in bettering the community through charity. Some of our philanthropy partners include Kids on the Block, Junior League, and Chattanooga Community Kitchen.


Chattanooga Community Kitchen    Junior League of Chattanooga    Kids On The Block Chattanooga Charity Foundation

Chattanooga's Certified Lighting Team


Meet Our Team

Choose the team that focuses on your needs 100% of the time, Choose Certified Lighting.
Bill Reason - President of Certified Lighting

Bill Reason


Bill purchased Certified Lighting in 2003. After recognizing the direct connection of lighting and signage working together; he acquired Professional Sign Services, formally known as Graphic Works, in 2012. He is from New Orleans and attended the University of Louisiana Lafayette where he majored in Computer Science with a minor in Business. Bill likes living in Chattanooga because he thinks it is one of the finest towns to raise a family. He also enjoys the community involvement behind the town and the diversity.

Bill loves his job because he gets to do something different daily. He also enjoys dealing with the most complex issues and finding the best problem-solving solutions for clients. Bill thinks the name of PSS relates ideally to how our industry is evolving. He thinks PSS will open the door to new business opportunities and better showcase all of our services to past and future clients.

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Chad Moore - Operations Manager for Certified Lighting

Chad Moore

Operations Manager

Chad has been a part of Professional Sign Services and the Certified Lighting side of things since 2008. Not only does he manage the projects for Certified Lighting, he also has helped PSS with graphics installs and production. Chad is from Lookout Valley, TN and is a senior at UTC pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering.

When Chad isn't eating, sleeping and breathing work he enjoys relaxing with friends and family. His favorite past time is lounging by the pool, watching and keeping updated on collegiate and professional sports. He also claims to be quite the Netflix watcher. In the next five years he would like to mark "running with bulls in Spain" off of his bucket list.

Chad's favorite part about being on the Certified Lighting team is getting to experience the satisfaction in our customer's eyes after we help them with their needs. He believes that his growing position with Certified Lighting will allow him to interact with clients and let them know we are more of a full service sign and lighting company rather than just a basic lighting business.

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Certified Lighting Team Members

Team Members


There are several team members from the staff that work on the Professional Sign Services side of the house to electricians and installers that work out in the field. Working with the immensely talented individuals from the Professional Sign Services division, allows Certified Lighting a unique position of understanding how our installations will work from a visual perspective, the artists angle and the overall feel of the end product before we even begin the installation of many of our projects.

When our electricians and technicians have specific needs on a project that need to be conveyed to the designers, they have worked with designers from our own Professional Sign Services division as well as outside design houses and architect firms. Our team knows how to discuss the project on a level of understanding that is required at all different levels of the project.

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Professional Sign Services


Whether you are needing interior or exterior signage, standard displays or customized signs with challenging installations, you can depend on us to focus on your needs and produce the finest product. Our personnel and installers combine creativity and cutting-edge technology with time-tested craftsmanship to execute every project with expertise.


Keeping with the changing times and to better serve our clients we have chosen to expand our services and include a wider range of products. To better reflect this change, we have aligned ourselves with Certified Lighting - an industry leader in the production and installation of dimensional signage.

   Certified Lighting is a BBB Accredited Business.     International Sign Association Member     Mid South Sign Association     Member Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce   
Certified Lighting is a BBB Accredited Business.
International Sign Association Member
Mid South Sign Association
Member Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

We Always Create The Difference

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Someone once said, "It makes you feel a lot better when you make someone's day brighter." Well we find joy in bringing happiness to our customers through cost savings, ergonomic working environments, commercial and retail safety that increase productivity and sales for each of our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help with your lighting needs.

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