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Chattanooga Lighting  Maintenance

Our certified electricians are here to help, whether you're lighting is indoor or outdoor, concealed or mounted 30 feet above the floor level, we are the trusted lighting repair and lighting maintenance service provider for all your lighting needs. The correct upkep and support that we provide to each of our clients involves so much more than simply changing lights or ballasts.

Our company offers a solution that is all-inclusive, which includes basic services such as clearing out the reflector lens to rubbing down a complete fixture, we finish the job as well as make sure that your lighting is kept up to date, clean and maintained. The attention to detail is what those in the industry for many years will tell you actually enhance both the look as well as efficiency of the fixture.

Our experienced team understands that build-up of dust will increase the heat created within each fixture and cause component failings. Appropriate maintenance of the fixture, reflector and fixture lens components as well as the bulb and ballasts will ensure that dust and dirt do not accumulate and create a place where electricity will be wasted on heat generation and not converted into light power (lumens) to enhance the intended area. Our goal is that all of the light fixtures are working at their highest degree for the most affordable lighting effectiveness.

A professional lighting maintenance consultant can help transform your company by:

– Discovering the ongoing maintenance needs for your facilities.
– Indicating the cost savings available for your company.
– Covering the most effective maintenance plan designed specifically for your needs.

Visit our Success Stories for articles and examples of recent projects. We will work with you to provide solutions to fit your lighting maintenance needs.

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Professional Sign Services


Whether you are needing interior or exterior signage, standard displays or customized signs with challenging installations, you can depend on us to focus on your needs and produce the finest product. Our personnel and installers combine creativity and cutting-edge technology with time-tested craftsmanship to execute every project with expertise.


Keeping with the changing times and to better serve our clients we have chosen to expand our services and include a wider range of products. To better reflect this change, we have aligned ourselves with Certified Lighting - an industry leader in the production and installation of dimensional signage.

   Certified Lighting is a BBB Accredited Business.     International Sign Association Member     Mid South Sign Association     Member Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce   
Certified Lighting is a BBB Accredited Business.
International Sign Association Member
Mid South Sign Association
Member Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

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